Lakme Fashion Week Gennext

The multi-faceted designer, who describes her work to be synonymous to art, is a product of NIFT, Hyderabad. The winner of the ‘Most Creative Design Collection’ award during the graduating show at NIFT is an artist, a fashion designer and a painter. After graduating, she worked at Sheetal Design Studio in Mumbai with eminent designers like Manish Malhotra, Aki Narula and Hemant Trivedi and crafted menswear collection. The journey then brought her to the capital city where she started creating womens wear line with Kavita Bhartia and Ranna Gill. Let’s get to know more about this gifted designer.

What inspired you to take up this profession? As a child, I was always inclined towards the artistic self in me. I used to love colours, shapes and fabrics and after completing my schooling, I was sure that I’ve to be an artist or a designer. I always wanted to associate myself with art and since art and fashion are co-related, I love my work.

Your first break�I got my first break at Olive at New Delhi. I am grateful to them that the Olive family had their faith in me and allowed me to present my work along with big names of the industry like Nikhil-Shantanu, Ranna Gill and Manish Malhotra. I launched my label � Nida Mahmood in 2006 and in 2007 got an invitation from Lakme Fashion Week Gennext and showcased my first collection.

Your design philosophy�My design sensibility goes back to the word art. Everything I do is based on art whether it is writing something for any publication, designing clothes or painting. Your views on the current void in the fashion industry�I must confess that the Indian fashion industry is growing. There are some problems though. I am hoping that those will get streamlined. People within the industry are very dedicated but it is a pity that we are unable to bring out our talent in the forefront.

Finally one fashion week in Delhi�Comment. Whatever has happened, I am in favour of it. It is a good idea, and especially good for buyers. Now they would not have to juggle between two fashion weeks. This will give a sensible image of our fashion industry. It is better to forget your differences and move together. Designers you die for? John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood are two of my favourite designers. But I also adore Marc Jacobs for his chic and cool collections.

Future plans�I am trying to come out with many things by the next season, about which I would not like to reveal much. But yes, I’m planning to launch a parallel label of mine. There are some interesting things in the pipeline. I’m trying to revive one of the dying art in my next season’s collection.
Advice for budding designers�I feel styling is very important. One should step out of the box and should create a look which is reflective of them. If you come out with new ideas, you’ll be recognized for a long time, even though it may take some time before people can absorb them.

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Top Careers With An Art And Design Degree

In recent years, arts and design courses has become more popular among all students due to its good availability of jobs. Today a variety of jobs oriented to arts and design courses are easily available. In fact, if we carefully look at the current scenario, there are so many different areas where art and design skills are important and play a major role. So if you are really planning to upgrade your imagination, creative instincts and looking forward to making a career this industry, here are some of the most appropriate career options, you can select from:

Fashion Designer- In today’s art and design industry, Fashion Design is one of the most exhilarating career options. It is one of the few professions that offer opportunities to work in different areas such as fashion accessory design, fashion marketing and promotion of brands. However, the key point that you must note is that the job prospect in this area generally varies according to the work setting where you are employed. If you work in large design companies, you may require taking the lead choosing colors and fabrics or creating designs. You may even require supervising others or juniors who renovate or create new designs and convert into finished products.

Animation Expert- Animation is one of the fastest-growing fields in art and design industry and making a career in this area might help you enjoy great rewards. Emphasizing on various styles, it is one of the few professions that also provide the ample scope to work as an animation expert in different sub-fields like video & television production including video game animation. In fact, it is one of its own kinds of a profession that let you communicate your ideas through pictures.

Visual Effects Artist � This is yet another profession that has actually provided a new dimension to art and design industry. Working as a visual effects artist, you could be the key person responsible for creating and delivering visual products. Besides this as an artist you may require to work for animation firms, video game industry or television production departments.

Interior Decorator- Interior Decoration & Designing is a profession that provides you an opportunity to seamlessly combine art with function and create a well defined dcor inside the room. As an interior designer, you could be the key person responsible for the interior design, and functionality of a client’s space. The space can be commercial, residential or industrial. However, at times, you may even require working closely with architects and clients to decide or determine the structure of a space and design the style that suits the best.

Today the alternatives in art and design are limitless, but these are just few of the most feasible and popular careers that you choose. Nonetheless, before you select any of these options; it is vital that you select a most appropriate program.

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How Fashion Affects Celebrity Art

Many people consider fashion to be an art form all within itself. The way that certain designers can take clothes and sew them together, draping and shaping the image over the body can be a very beautiful vision. Some pieces of clothing are so well made that they are like works of art that people wear around every day. There is a natural grace and beauty that comes with well made clothing and most people recognize how beautiful these pieces of clothing can be. Many celebrities are often considered to be the best examples of how fashion can affect the world, wearing these clothes so everyone can see how well made some of these pieces are.

Different celebrities have all been considered to be fashion icons. They are often repeat customers of some of the most famous designers, who are celebrities themselves. They will often design outfits for these certain celebrities, using them as a canvas to paint their art upon. Designers are artist in themselves, providing the world with something beautiful to look at and even potentially purchase for themselves. Entire collections can be built around the clothes of a certain designer.

When different artists will make works of art out of celebrities, however, they usually will paint those celebrities at their best. Red carpet events are some of those places where those celebrities look their best and, most often, celebrities will be wearing these specially designer-made clothes to these red carpet events. Therefore, when artists take the image of a celebrity at one of these high-profile events, they are taking an image of the celebrity in these fabulous clothes and crafting the work of art around that image. The fashion that the celebrity is wearing will be incorporated into the works of art that the artist is designing.

Fashion will play a large part in the style that comes to be associated with a celebrity. When any work is made featuring a celebrity after a style has come to be associated with them, the very style that fashion helped to craft will come into play. In the past, very distinct styles were associated with both Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. These two were both considered to be fashion icons and are still recognized as so today. They are also very popular actresses and art is still made about these two today. The fashion style which they were associated with naturally comes into the picture when the art today is made of them.

Pieces of autographed art can also be made out of designs that a fashion designer might sketch about potential outfits that they want to make. These designs can be tailored to a certain celebrity and their personality and sketching is one of the most important factors to designing clothing. By making a sketch of what the designer has in mind, they can begin to see what elements may or may not work. These sketches could, in turn, become pieces of celebrity art that a person might want to collect.

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